What we hear from parents:

"At school meetings, it seems like my input is disregarded."

"School staff say that my child is doing fine, but I don't agree."  

"School staff say my child is unmotivated and just needs to try harder, but the real problem is my child's educational needs are not being met."

Many parents report that navigating special education is overwhelming and frustrating.  We help families to understand the process and to learn to communicate effectively, working to ensure that every child has meaningful educational opportunity.

• Accompanying parents to school meetings.

• Providing individual parent coaching.

• Reviewing records and helping the family to develop an action plan.

• Assisting parents with writing agendas and letters.

• Observing the student at school and at home.

• Helping to draft measurable IEP goals and objectives and to monitor progress.

• Providing referrals to legal services, evaluators, therapists, and others.

• Assisting parents with dispute resolution, including writing state complaints and providing support at mediation.

Education Advocacy, LLC, works throughout Connecticut.

For more information, please call Diane Willcutts 

at (860) 992-5874. 

or send an email to Diane.Willcutts@gmail.com


Connecticut ordered to extend special education services until age 22!

Compensatory services due to COVID-19. . . parents, don't assume this is automatic.

The state issues 4/24/2020 guidance regarding PPTs, evaluations, and ESY. What works and what doesn't?


I'm happy to host my clients' consultations, PPTs, 504, and other meetings using phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or other platforms.  Please call or email me for more information!


SELF - Advocacy 101 - Diane is panelist! - VIRTUAL - March 10

COPAA Conference - Advocacy training for parents, advocates, attorneys, and others - VIRTUAL - March 4-6